May 27, 2008

My First Day Swimming!

Mommy and Daddy took me swimming today! It was pretty late in the day so I was a little bit tired. I think I actually enjoyed it though! We're going to go swimming again really soon because Mommy thinks I'll have a lot more fun when I'm not so sleepy. It was too cold for Mommy to get in (she's such a wuss!) so Daddy swam with me. I definitely got his warm blood because I didn't even flinch! Anyways, here'a short little video and a couple of pictures!
First time in the pool

Drying off...I'm so sleepy!

May 20, 2008

Addi Rolled Over!!!

Yep! It was actually 3 weeks ago and I've been waiting to post it because we actually caught it on video but we can't find the software for the video camera to load it onto the computer! As soon as we do I will post it! She rolled over twice from her belly to her back all by herself at 2.5 months! What an overachiever :)

Just some cute pics!

She's getting so big!


May 19, 2008

I'm 3 Monts Old Today!!!

Today is my 3 month birthday! Mommy put a pretty dress on me to take some pictures. I'm pretty tired of that camera so I didn't really feel like smiling. I'm still cute though!