May 30, 2009

we spent the day in waco today for brady's big 2nd birthday! the kiddos had so much fun playing together. happy birthday brady!!!

birthday boy and grandpa

checkin' out the stud in the camera

don't let the sweet and innocent look fool you!

reading with abigail

i'm 2!!!

cousin abigail is SO funny!

May 19, 2009

this girl loves water. any water. she would spend all day in a pool or a bathtub if we let her. now that it's 90+ degrees here, it's too hot to be anywhere but in the pool!






May 11, 2009

addison learned how to make monkey sounds today. too cute!

May 8, 2009

I realize it has been a LONG time since I've posted so I wanted to update everybody on what's going on!

Addison is 14.5 months old. The time has flown. She has developed such a little personality and she is such a silly girl! She is absolutely the most wonderful thing to ever happen to us. Right now she is really trying to speak real words. She's always been a little chatter box but it's so cute to watch her try and say new words. Here's a little list of her words right now:

* mama
* dada
* nana
* dog
* duck
* up
* out
* snack
* bite
* no
* hi
* uh-oh
* bye bye

I think I got them all. She signs "more", "please", and "all done" when she is eating. She actually started doing that about 9 months made feeding time a lot easier! She also likes to make animal sounds. We moo for our cows and raspberry for a horse. She can do snakes and chickens too. The horse is by far her favorite sound to make. I need to get it on video because it's so darn cute.

We've always had a sweet, cuddly girl but for the past month or 2 she has been a huggin and kissin machine! There have been numerous nights where it wasn't bed time until both mommy and daddy got at least 5 or 6 hugs and kisses each. That is absolutely my favorite part of being a mom right now. Those sweet little sloppy kisses make my day!

Charlie just got a new job working for a mortgage company. We're really excited about it because it keeps him at home with us :) All he needs is a computer, a telephone, and the occasional commute to Houston (which Grammy and Papa do not mind at all!). Hopefully this will turn into a wonderful thing! We are definitely blessed.