April 26, 2009

happy easter! we spent the night before easter dying our easter eggs. i was so excited to share this tradition with addi. growing up, we dyed easter eggs every single year. i swear my brother and i were still having easter egg hunts in high school! i love that i have my own little family to carry on this tradition with. addi was not too sure about this activity when we first started. right when we got going, addi picked up one of the spoons we were using to dip the eggs in the dye with and tried to put it in her mouth. charlie and i both reacted with a really loud "NO!" and about scared the bejeezus out of the poor kid. she broke into hysterics :(





she loved her easter egg hunt! we weren't sure if she would really "get" it but she absolutely did and had a blast! she walked all over the front yard collecting her eggs and putting them in her basket. we actually had to take them out and re-hide them because she was not done hunting! wonderful day :)