June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! We made a little video for Daddy for Father's Day. He really enjoyed it and we hope you do to! Turn up your sound!

Addi and Erica

Family Barbeque

We had a family barbeque today. We went swimming all day and ate lots of yummy food! Here are some pictures of me swimming with daddy, Aunt Karen, and Cousin Brady!


My First Tea Party

Auntie Anne invited me to my first Flower Fairies Tea Party! Flower Fairy Aysia hosted the party and it was so much fun! We hunted for flower fairies, did a flower fairy dance, had some tea, had story time and even decorated cookies and fairy wands! (Ok, so I slept through most of it but it sounded really fun!)


Me & my party dress

Having tea with the girls!

The other flower fairies

Hunting for flower fairies!