November 21, 2008


Good grief it's about time! Addison hasn't really eaten much the last 2 days and has been uber cranky. I decided to stick my finger in her mouth tonight just to check it out and sure enough there are little bitty ridges poppin' through on her bottom gums! Yay!

November 11, 2008

Lost Maples

We all packed up today and headed out to Lost Maples for a little hike. It was beautiful! We had to carry Addison most of the way because it was a little too rocky for the stroller. She had a great time looking at all of the colorful trees and the weather was perfect for her. Here are a few pics!

Can you believe this is in Texas?

Addi and Nana

I love this face she is making :)

Big Girl!


November 10, 2008

Trip to Houston

We took another trip to Houston this week to see Charlie's family. Addison had a great time seeing the rest of her family. She absolutely adores her Uncle Will and I think the feeling is mutual ;) They have such a fun time together and he gets the best belly laughs out of her!

Aunt Lindsey is the Musical Director at Westchester Academy and we got to catch the debut of her fall show! They produced Peter Pan and it was AMAZING!! Complete with flying characters of course! She is so talented and she has such a great group of kids. We got to take Addison to see a little bit of the dress rehearsal before opening night. The last time we went to see one of Lindsey's musicals was when I was about 7 months pregnant and Addison kicked the entire time. This time was no exception! It was really funny because we were sitting right behind the orchestra pit with them facing us and one of the strings players kept giggling because Addison was so excited and throwing her arms everywhere like she was conducting her own show. She loved it. It will be really nice when we can actually take her to see the actual show! Great job Linds!!!

When we got to Houston, Mama Sue had just gotten back with pretty much the entire toy section of Target! Addi, of course, was in heaven. Not only did she have a bunch of new toys but she also had a bunch of new boxes to play with! Papa Joe read to her almost every single night. Reading has quickly become one of Addison's favorite things. If you put that book down and she's not ready to be finished with it she will let you know! So she really enjoyed being able to sit on Papa Joe's lap and have a new voice reading her books.

Here are a few pics from the week:

With her Great Grandmother


November 6, 2008

Houston Zoo!

Oh how we love the Zoo. I think she could go every single day if we let her. We decided to head to the Houston Zoo with Mama Sue for a couple of hours while we were in town. This place puts the San Antonio Zoo to shame! They had wonderful, huge exhibits in a park-like atmosphere. I think she enjoyed the fish the most this time. The monkeys were still high up on the list though!

She was such a trooper. We ended up being at the zoo for about 3.5 hours and she didn't whine or fuss a single second. When we finally walked back to the car Charlie cradled Addi and the second he did those eyes were closed and she was zonked out the whole way home.

Her new scrunchy face

With Mama Sue

How tall am I?

Watching the fishies


November 5, 2008

Play Date!

While we were in Houston, we had a play date with Hunter and his cousin Reece. Hunter is exactly 2 months younger than Addison and he is such a cutie pie! Reece just turned 4 months and she seemed so itty bitty! I can't believe the difference a couple of months makes in babies.

During the play date, I realized that a little game we play with Addison turned her into a little bully! Whenever we'd pick up Addison out of her crib, we'd grab her pacifier and put the opposite end in our mouths just because it was easier to carry that way while we were carrying her. The last 2 months or so she's realized that that's her paci and it belongs in her mouth so she would snatch it out of our mouths and shove it back in hers. She thought it was funny that we were trying to steal her paci so we just kept doing it cause she was so dang cute. Well, fast forward to now and she is a paci theif! Addison kept crawling over to Hunter and yanking his pacifiier out of his mouth and putting it in hers. Every time I gave it back to him, she just crawled right back over and took it out again! Poor Hunter isn't quite crawling yet so he was just a sitting duck! He was such a sweet boy though and he let Addi have his paci and his momma went and got him another one. I can't wait to get these guys together again when their both crawling! Thanks for letting us hang out Ali!

It's impossible to get 3 babies to look at you!

I love the way she is looking at him in this pic

Clearly they were done with their photoshoot


October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We didn't get too crazy with a big costume for Addi this year. Of course her slacker parents didn't even make it to the party store to pick out a costume until the afternoon of Halloween...not much of a selection then! There were some really cute baby costumes but they were all so puffy and stuffed that she would have roasted if she were in it more than 2 minutes. Instead, we opted for the cute little mouse you see below! We went trick or treating for about 45 minutes with some other kids from the neighborhood and then had a little block party at the neighbors! It was a great first Halloween!


October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Addi got to "carve" her first pumpkin yesterday. She was way more interested in eating the contents of the pumpkin than she was anything else (notice how orange her face is in the last photo!). Thanks Aunt Denise for the pumpkin t-shirt and pumpkin socks! Here are a few pics!

The hat may have been a little small :)

She played with this forever!


"You want me to do what with this?"

"Oh, ok, I get it."

Helping Daddy mark the pumpkin

The finished product!


October 22, 2008

Trip to the Park!

Mom and I took Addi to the park to swing today. I've been looking everywhere for a park that has bucket swings and it turns out there's one right by mom's house! Addi LOVED the swing! I'm sure she would have stayed there all day if we let her!

"Seriously? This isn't fun."

"WooHoo! It moves!"

"Man, that was fun."

A couple shots mid flight:


October 21, 2008

Our 8 Month Old!

Just a quick pic! I'm not sure why it looks so grainy on here though!

October 19, 2008

8 Months Old!

Addison is 8 months old today! We can't even believe it's been that long since she first made her appearance into the world! Here are some of the exciting things she's doing now:
  • Crawling
  • Pulling herself to a stand on EVERYTHING
  • She can wave hello and goodbye
  • Walks extemely well with our help
  • Turns the pages of her books
  • Drinks out of a sippy cup by herself
  • She can pick up her own finger foods and put them in her mouth all by herself
  • She's trying really hard to clap
  • Says "mama", "dada", and "nana". None of it is really in context of course so we don't count them as words but it's still adorable!

This kid is all over the place! She is constantly on the move. We're still working on getting some teeth and this, along with the crawling and standing, have really thrown a wrench into our system. Naps, according to Addi, are no longer necessary. There are way better things to do than go to sleep! We've sadly resorted to driving her around to get her down. The second we put her down into her crib though those eyes pop wide open and its time to go! This makes for very sleepy parents! Luckily, fingers crossed, she is still sleeping through the night though. Its a little bit harder to get her down but once she's asleep she usually stays that way until about 7am.

She's got quite the little personality. She blabbers and giggles all day long (throw in some whining there too...super fun) and the most random things send her into hysterics! She's never met a stranger either. We took her to church for the first time last week and left her in the nursery. That girl was in hog heaven with all of the other babies! She waves at anybody that sends a glance her way and flashes her toothless smile. She's such a sweet girl :)

Alrighty, enough bragging ;) I hope everybody has a wondeful week!



October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

We all took Addison and Abigail to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend. It was a pretty measley little pumpkin patch but they didn't know any better so it was just fine. We walked through a hay maze, went on a hay ride, and picked out our pumpkin to carve! That was pretty much the extent of our visit. We did end up buying the most perfectly round and orange pumpkin I've ever seen though!

With the pumpkins

There's only 1 thing to do with this pumpkin.....

......Eat it!!!

"What's up Nana?"


October 15, 2008

Itty Bitty Pigtails!

I got Addi's hair into itty bitty pigtails! We actually called them sprouts because they are so tiny. I had to try it though!




October 9, 2008

We have a crawler!!!

Addison has been "inching" around for about 3 weeks now. Not quite crawling but she could get herself where she needed to go. Well, the last week or so, it has been a full-on crawl! Granted, she doesn't get anywhere very quickly yet but she's definitely crawling! We were thinking she might be a late crawler because she much prefers to stand up and "walk" everywhere (with our help of course) but she proved us wrong! I'll try and get it on video today of her crawling and "walking" to post for everybody. Can't you believe this little monkey is big enough to crawl?!? It all goes by way too fast.


October 6, 2008

Poor Baby :(

Our little monkey has been teething pretty badly the last couple of days. I feel so horrible for her! The only thing helping is chewing on ice cubes in her mesh feeder and keeping a good flow of Tylenol going through her. Those little buggers don't look like they want to come out yet though! I wish they would just hurry up and poke through so I can have my happy baby back!

September 25, 2008

Just a few pics...

7 Months Old

She LOVES mirrors!

This right before she gave herself a big 'ol kiss!

Her favorite toy (primarily because she can stand and play with it at the same time)

September 21, 2008

Down on the Farm!

Addison spent the weekend with Nana and Grandpa and had a day down on the farm! She got to pet and ride Petey and go fishing with Grandpa. No fish were caught...not sure why because that fishing pole looks pretty impressive!

Addi's new cowboy hat

"Fishing" with Grandpa

Nana and Petey

Auntie Ann and Petey


September 19, 2008

7 Months!

Happy 7 months love bug! We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

September 17, 2008

Just some cute pics from our picnic!


Is there something on my face?

Cutie pie!

Couldn't you just eat her?!?