November 6, 2008

Houston Zoo!

Oh how we love the Zoo. I think she could go every single day if we let her. We decided to head to the Houston Zoo with Mama Sue for a couple of hours while we were in town. This place puts the San Antonio Zoo to shame! They had wonderful, huge exhibits in a park-like atmosphere. I think she enjoyed the fish the most this time. The monkeys were still high up on the list though!

She was such a trooper. We ended up being at the zoo for about 3.5 hours and she didn't whine or fuss a single second. When we finally walked back to the car Charlie cradled Addi and the second he did those eyes were closed and she was zonked out the whole way home.

Her new scrunchy face

With Mama Sue

How tall am I?

Watching the fishies



Aunt Lolo said...

Ummm...her scrunchy face now exists as my most favorite thing...even above chocolate...yep..I said it! ;)