November 5, 2008

Play Date!

While we were in Houston, we had a play date with Hunter and his cousin Reece. Hunter is exactly 2 months younger than Addison and he is such a cutie pie! Reece just turned 4 months and she seemed so itty bitty! I can't believe the difference a couple of months makes in babies.

During the play date, I realized that a little game we play with Addison turned her into a little bully! Whenever we'd pick up Addison out of her crib, we'd grab her pacifier and put the opposite end in our mouths just because it was easier to carry that way while we were carrying her. The last 2 months or so she's realized that that's her paci and it belongs in her mouth so she would snatch it out of our mouths and shove it back in hers. She thought it was funny that we were trying to steal her paci so we just kept doing it cause she was so dang cute. Well, fast forward to now and she is a paci theif! Addison kept crawling over to Hunter and yanking his pacifiier out of his mouth and putting it in hers. Every time I gave it back to him, she just crawled right back over and took it out again! Poor Hunter isn't quite crawling yet so he was just a sitting duck! He was such a sweet boy though and he let Addi have his paci and his momma went and got him another one. I can't wait to get these guys together again when their both crawling! Thanks for letting us hang out Ali!

It's impossible to get 3 babies to look at you!

I love the way she is looking at him in this pic

Clearly they were done with their photoshoot



Aunt Lolo said...

So darn you and mini darn cute!