March 30, 2008


I had so much fun today! Mommy put me on my playmat with some new toys Miss Lauren brought me. I held my toy all by myself for the first time! I could tell Mommy was really excited because she was making really big smiles at me. When I put my toy in my mouth she got even more excited and told me what a big girl I am! I guess it's a big deal to hold something for the first time :0)



Lo said...

Yay are already growing up too are so precious and so very loved. Lolo loves you! ;)

Janet & Jack said...

Addison is such a cutie!!!! Isn't it amazing how she's already responding!!!! Look at those black eyes! How precious! Happy Anniversary, Erica & Charlie - we had such a wonderful time at your wedding and visiting San Antonio for the first time.

Janet (cousin)