April 19, 2008

2 Months Old Today!!!

I'm growing so fast! I spent the day down at Auntie Ann's farm with Nana, cousin Abigail, and Mommy. Mommy let me lay down in my stroller under the shade trees and feel the nice cool breeze. I loved it! All the horses didn't quite know what to think of me! I didn't really know what to make of them either though...I just stared and stared. I think I would like to go back there really soon!

2 Months Old!

Abigail and Petey

Me and Auntie Ann

Asleep under the tree


KOakley said...

What a beautiful baby girl! Loving to be outside is just in your DNA! You are looking as beautiful as your sweet Mommy! Me and Uncle Trey will be down soon to see you again and celebrate your new house! I hope cousin Abby was a sweet girl and gave you lots of hugs! Have a great week! Tell Momma she's doing a great job on the blog! We love it!! Keep those photos coming!