June 12, 2009

my girl loves her some fashion.  we took advantage of a HUGE sale at Carter's yesterday and i had to do some serious restraining to keep from spending $200.  they have an adorable new line that actually resembles something that i would wear!  i got addi this adorable brown, green, and white skirt with a cute matching t-shirt and she wore it today to go shopping with me and nana.  

after we got ready for bed tonight addison walked over, grabbed her new shirt and gave it to me saying "on" in the sweetest little girl voice.  so i put her shirt on her and she walked over, grabbed her new skirt, brought it over to me and says "on?"!  it's the first time she's shown interest in her clothes and my heart just smiled from all of her cuteness.  needless to say, she wore her new outfit over her pj's until it was time to get in bed.  i can't believe how quickly she's growing up.  her daddy is in big trouble if addison inherits her mommy's shopping genes :)