July 10, 2009

Happy 4th of July! We spent the fourth at The Johnston's farm again this year for the third year in a row. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions. The first year we went we announced that we were expecting little Addi. The second trip Addison was just 4 1/2 months old. What's funny about that trip though is that I distinctly remember 2 different groups of people there. Those with kids (grown adult kids don't count!) and those without (Addi was only 4 months old so she didn't count...no running around yet!). Those of us without kids sat inside in the air conditioning or on the porch underneath the fans having good conversations and enjoying our cold beers. Then there was the other group...I remember watching 10 or so little kids running around the pool and swimming with all of the parents sitting in lawn chairs around the pool watching them with their trusty adult beverages in hand and Mom Braden telling Charlie and I, "just wait...that will be you next year." Sure enough, Addison had us around the pool ALL DAY LONG. We were officially thrown head first into the mommy and daddy crowd.

The morning of the fourth Addison went to her first parade. She held interest for a little while but it was ridiculously hot and nap time was quickly approaching so we had to cut the parade a little short. None the less we all had a great time and Papa and Poppo really outdid themselves with the barbeque. Thank you Chris and Gayle for a wonderful weekend!


Preggo said...

What a beautiful little girl. She should be in the movies!!!

KOakley said...

OH MY!! What beautiful photos!! I mean, it's always been a fact that all of you literally walked out of a catalog - gorgeous!! You look fantastic Erica and Sweet Addie Bear and Charlie are too sweet. That's quite the impressive toss in the air!! WOW! We've got a beautiful niece!! GUSH GUSH!!