August 16, 2009

Well, Addi had her first timeout today. She is usually an exceptionally well-behaved toddler and very mindful of what you're telling her but for some reason, today was an exception. She's just starting to push her limits and see how far she can go but usually if we tell her no firmly, she'll drop whatever she's doing and run up to us with a sad look and give us a hug (how's that for a guilt trip?). But, today at dinner she kept throwing her vegetables and I told her "no" multiple times. I looked at her straight in the face and said "don't you throw that again, mommy said no" in my best "'aren't I a big scary mommy?' voice." Well, don't you know she looked me right in the eye and dropped her green bean on the floor. So I picked her up sat her down in the corner and told her she was in timeout for throwing her food and not listening to mommy. She sat there for a second and stared at me then started to giggle and get up. I put her right back down, told her she was in timeout for a minute and then her waterworks started. She does NOT like it when mommy and daddy get mad at her. So she sat there for a whole 45 seconds until I told her she could get up and tell mommy that she was sorry. She hopped right up and ran to me and gave me a gigantic hug and cried :( Then she wouldn't let me put her down for 5 minutes. My sweet girl.